cirs in wyoming
This photo is from this time last year, when I found a random motel in some small town in Wyoming and was feeling very torn between going “home” and staying out West … while also experiencing a horrible CIRS flareup.

Surrender is not “giving up.” It’s going all in. It’s removing all fear of merging with the infinite chaos of life. It’s aligning your will with that of the Universe/God/Love.

It’s not resiliency, as that implies some sort of struggle you went through and overcame. Surrender transcends struggle.

When you’ve surrendered—i.e., handed everything over to the Universe with not hope but faith—faith that you’ll be OK and everything is working in your favor—what can touch you? What can affect you? What can break you? Everything becomes so small.

You can take my home
You can take my health
You can take my partner
my job
my car
my money
my mind . . .

But you can’t take my peace.
You can’t take my joy.
You can’t take that thing in me that is indestructible.

By Karmarocca

Lauren LaRocca is a writer, astrologer, and folk herbalist living in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, though she spent most of her life on the East Coast—Pittsburgh to Western Maryland to Asheville to West Virginia. She combines her interests in art, design, writing, the healing arts, and metaphysics to create zines and songs and herbal formulas and all things medicinal on all levels.

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