Mercury is the mover, the transmitter, the connector,

the thing between things.

It is both sides of the coin. It is either side. It is neither side.

Mercury is duality, play, experimentation, stimulation.

Mercury is the story.

It is the voice.

It is the thoughts, communication, words.

And words are spells.

Mercury is the mind.

It is the breath—the breath of life,

breathing newness into all things.

It is mutable. It is movement.

It is neither here nor there—

the journey, not the destination—

neither dark nor light,

positive nor negative, masculine nor feminine.

It is quick, flexible, changeable.

If you want to activate the Mercury within you, MOVE.

Get in car and drive, take a walk or a bike ride.

Use the energy of movement to connect with 

the energy of Mercury.

Notice what ideas begin to spring to mind

as images pass you by.

By Karmarocca

Lauren LaRocca is a writer, astrologer, and folk herbalist living in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, though she spent most of her life on the East Coast—Pittsburgh to Western Maryland to Asheville to West Virginia. She combines her interests in art, design, writing, the healing arts, and metaphysics to create zines and songs and herbal formulas and all things medicinal on all levels.

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