If you’re feeling empty, remember …

White Sands, New Mexico

remember those few, rare people who see the you of yous

Talk to them regularly

They are extensions of your own mind and heart

Remember the strings of serendipitous moments

dating back to the beginning of time

how the universe always carries you and surprises

and how wonderful it is just to be here, alive

Remember the Road

always there

ready when you are

Remember the seasons, literal and figurative—

how summer brings you back to yourself

how fall is its own kind of catharsis

winter a conquest, the newness of spring

Remember the universe loves a vacuum

And it’s OK to lose your head sometimes

We are always moving toward and away

toward and away

Remember all that you’ve done

and all that you are

and everything that brought you here

and how all that mystery will also get you “there”

Remember faith, the bridge between the seen and unseen

Cultivate it

Remember how it grows stronger, like a muscle, the more you use it

Remember your own body of wisdom, your inner landscapes

the person you are now who can talk to your younger self

and tell her she’ll be OK

because you’re OK

By Karmarocca

Lauren LaRocca is a writer, astrologer, and folk herbalist living in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, though she spent most of her life on the East Coast—Pittsburgh to Western Maryland to Asheville to West Virginia. She combines her interests in art, design, writing, the healing arts, and metaphysics to create zines and songs and herbal formulas and all things medicinal on all levels.

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