Lauren LaRocca summer solstice 2019

Lauren LaRocca spent most of her life in Appalachia (Pittsburgh to Maryland to Asheville to West Virginia), stopped in Baltimore for a short time, lived nomadically for a while (read about that here), and landed in Northern New Mexico in 2019.

After studying creative writing at Warren Wilson College, she’s worked as an arts and culture writer and editor for various publications.

Her interests in transpersonal psychology, mysticism, astrology, Human Design, energy work, and plant medicine have led her to become an astrologer, herbalist, and Reiki Master. She hopes to inspire others to let the heart lead.



  1. Linda and Ron celebrated my birthday with gifts of love from from your plant world. Extra Calm and Osha Root have given me the best nights of restful and undisturbed sleep. Of course we ate together and drank wine too. I look forward to becoming familiar with all of your contributions to a better universe. Wanda

  2. just wanted you to know that your CHAPARRAL TINCTURE is perfection.. i have added it to a fragrance i bought which was a little too sweet (Desert Thunderstorm by Solstice Scents).. i am pretty sure i will need even more.. it’s lovely and brings back fond memories of larrea tridentata when it rains.. thanks again and i will set up for another order right away.. robert conner

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