Mercury is the mover, the transmitter, the connector, the thing between things. It is both sides of the coin. It is either side. It is neither side. Mercury is duality, play, experimentation, stimulation. Mercury is the story. It is the voice. It is the thoughts, communication, words. And words are spells. Mercury is the mind.… Continue reading MERCURY

CHRONIC WELLNESS MANIFESTO (written from bed + couch)

a manifesto for artists living with chronic mental or physical illness As artists, we are always working. We are writing in our head, jotting down impressions and ideas, dictating voice memos to ourself; paintings and sculptures drop into our mind or reveal themselves in dreams; we are listening to the inflections of conversation, the sounds… Continue reading CHRONIC WELLNESS MANIFESTO (written from bed + couch)

It’s easy to slip and fall into a hole

When we grow accustomed to the weekly momentum of life in America and rely on it to dictate our energy levels and motivation and even direction, when we rely on it to keep us in line, in our lane, like the bumpers in bowling alleys that keep our ball from sliding into the gutter …

Astrology, fate, and free will

We come into this third-dimensional reality with an individual energetic makeup, as shown in our natal chart. In the same way a crystal or plant has an energy makeup and can impart its medicine onto us, so, too, can we impart our medicine unto others. The Human Design mandala shows us how we are all… Continue reading Astrology, fate, and free will

VIRGO/PISCES AXIS :: where heaven and earth meet

  I woke up to a vision, the answer to a question I’d asked myself the night before: what does the Virgo/Pisces axis feel like? What is at its essence? What teaching does it offer us? What is the tension or conflict between these two opposing signs? It’s manifesting now through this full moon in… Continue reading VIRGO/PISCES AXIS :: where heaven and earth meet


Surrender is not “giving up.” It’s going all in. It’s removing all fear of merging with the infinite chaos of life. It’s aligning your will with that of the Universe/God/Love. It’s not resiliency, as that implies some sort of struggle you went through and overcame. Surrender transcends struggle. When you’ve surrendered—i.e., handed everything over to… Continue reading S U R R E N D E R

Medicine for the Spirit

As I write this, I’m looking out over a field of gnarled juniper trees, sagebrush, and pinion pine in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The landscape is vastly different from the Appalachian Mountains back East, where I’ve lived nearly all my life. Being out here in the wilderness for days on end reminds me to breathe, stay… Continue reading Medicine for the Spirit