Medicine for the Spirit

As I write this, I’m looking out over a field of gnarled juniper trees, sagebrush, and pinion pine in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The landscape is vastly different from the Appalachian Mountains back East, where I’ve lived nearly all my life. Being out here in the wilderness for days on end reminds me to breathe, stay… Continue reading Medicine for the Spirit

Anam Cara: an atypical apothecary

It’s estimated that only about 1 percent of people possess the sense of smell in their dreams. It may come as no surprise that Amye Clark, a master clinical aromatherapist, not only smells while dreaming but often wakes up with inspired thoughts. A scented oil or herb will come to her in the dream world, and she’ll know to add it to a formula she’s working on.

For Chris

I know what the most shocking thing is. It has nothing to do with cults or sex scandals or being diagnosed with some disease. I know what the most shocking thing is. It’s that one minute someone is here with their wide smile and sense of humor, engaged in conversation, building a life, and then,… Continue reading For Chris