Much like the way we live our lives, the way we tell a story is completely individual and singular. And in that is its beauty and also its complexity. With a background in creative writing and 13 years of professional experience as an arts and culture writer and editor, I provide editing and consulting services to writers, as well as marketing services to artists. Meeting and working with other creative people is truly the most fulfilling part of what I do.



“You are my editor. Every time you edit one of my pieces, it comes out 100 times better. You smooth it out, but you still keep that freshness—the editing doesn’t change that. It’s still my voice. I am astonished every time.” —Scott Cawood, metal sculptor and writer

“Lauren is as sharp and talented an editor as I’ve worked with anywhere. We collaborated often at both The Frederick News-Post and Baltimore magazine and I trust her as my go-to first read for 5,000-word investigative stories as much as I do shorter arts and culture pieces and profiles of politicians. She is the best copy editor and proofreader I know, possesses a well developed and creative sense of design, and is a highly organized professional. I cannot recommend her work strongly enough for any writing, editing, or design position.” —Ron Cassie, senior editor at Baltimore magazine

“Freelancing for Lauren was an invaluable professional learning experience. Her shrewd editorial insight helped me conceptualize and build well-developed stories across a variety of topics such as arts and entertainment, environmental, and interview pieces. Brainstorming was easy, as she cultivated a collaborative and nurturing atmosphere and was always available to lend her journalistic sensibility for brainstorming when I pitched stories. Lauren has a discerning eye for innovative and timely story ideas. Her encouragement to dig deeper to enrich my reporting and leave no stone unturned helped guide and inform the direction of my writing. She is open-minded, approachable, and thorough.” —Megan Parker, freelance writer

“Whether she was finding new ways to cover topics in the realm of art, music, and film, or being a positive force of feedback and editorial support for my novel and other writings, Lauren LaRocca has been an invaluable ally in all things literary.” —Clark Kline, novelist and filmmaker


Copyediting, development editing, line editing, and proofreading (AP or Chicago Manual of Style)

Want to tell your story? Through interviews and brainstorming, we will organize a table of contents and get your story down on paper, with vivid imagery and retellings of your memories.

Press releases, mission statement and bios, website copy, etc. for individual artists and galleries

Let’s brainstorm and conceptualize the best way for you to get started on your writing project and then delve in more deeply as we move forward. I’ll help you work through your writing by seeing its structure as a whole while ironing out the details to make your writing and voice more fluid and consistent—that means paying attention to all the nuances and the grammatical and stylistic guidelines, while also making it shine. It will be fun.

We’ll work on making your writing stronger, either through the use of writing prompts or by examining and workshopping a project you’re already working on. Let’s talk!



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