Astrology and Human Design give us insight into who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going. They serve as maps that identify our gifts, our essence, what we bring to the world, what we need from the world, and the karma we carry and ultimately how to dissolve it with grace. The real session starts when we take these insights and apply them to our lives, when we know the next step in our journey toward wholeness.

Astro Readings

These 1:1 sessions integrate astrology and Human Design to help heal, align, realign, and get you on your path forward.

The beauty of astrology is its ability to get to the heart of a matter quickly, revealing what could take months of talk therapy to uncover. Astrology and Human Design are tools that immediately get to the essence of who you are and allow for quantum leaps in all areas of your life.

Please provide your birth data (birth time, day, year, and location) upon booking and include any questions you may have.




One-hour phone or video call exploring your natal chart and Human Design bodygraph. Guidance drawn from your astrological makeup. Gain a better understanding of your innate strengths and challenges, your psychology and path. Astrology is remarkable in that it allows us an insightful perspective on ourselves and the situations and people we encounter. Infuse your life with some of this ancient wisdom and guidance that’s available to all of us. ***Date, time, and location of birth are required in order to give an accurate reading.


MANY HAPPY RETURNS ***available after Birth Chart Reading

Solar Return Chart Reading for the Year Ahead! Each year on your birthday, when the sun lines up with the exact position it was at during your birth, a Solar Return chart for the year can be generated to show you areas of focus for your year ahead. I find these charts to be incredibly powerful and accurate in their ability to show what the year ahead will look like—what challenges might come up, your general attitude and physical health, any themes, where you’ll shine, where your heart will be, where you can move forward, what issues in your life will be brought to the forefront, and so on. These run birthday to birthday, i.e., a new Solar Return chart starts on your birthday each year and remains active until your birthday the following year. The beginnings of your Solar Return chart can usually be felt in the month or months leading up to your birthday—sometimes as much as three months ahead. Think about your own life and how certain years have seemed to hold different themes. Have you found yourself noticing shifts around the time of your birthday? 45-minute session via phone or video (your choice). You will also receive an audio recording of our session together, so you can be fully present for it. ***Please note: The ‘Many Happy Returns’ Solar Return chart is only available after a general natal chart reading has been done for you, as all additional charts (progressed charts, current transits, solar returns, partnership, etc.) are all derived from the natal chart.


WHERE IN THE WORLD ***available after Birth Chart Reading

Astrocartography Reading! ‘Where in the World’ Reading — Thinking of relocating? An astrological chart showing your natal wheel overlaid across the planet reveals what energies will be highlighted in different parts of the country and world. Some locations are better for career, some better for retirement, some better for finding romantic partners, and so on, and this is completely individualized. This short, 30-minute reading will pinpoint which natal aspects of your chart will be brought to the forefront and manifested in each geographical location. Calls can be conducted via phone or video, whichever is your preference! 30-minute session via phone or video call.


CURRENT COSMOS ***available after Birth Chart Reading

See more clearly what you’re working through with the current planetary transits. We will go over what you’re working through now and what will come to the surface within the next six months or so, to give a clear picture on how to use the energies as they manifest in your life. This is a 30-minute call that can be done via phone or video call after you’ve received an Astro Map.


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Sliding Scale Options

Pulling and studying multiple charts for each reading and pulling from my intuition to ensure I say everything that needs to be said takes time and energy. That said, I don’t want anyone to *not* receive a reading because of limited resources. I’m happy to offer sliding-scale rates in a way that still values my time and energy exchange. Please simply make a payment through, Venmo @Karmarocca, or Cashapp $Karmarocca, and note which reading you’d like, along with your birthday, time, and location. You will receive a follow up email to arrange a time for your session. Email if you have any questions or requests.



WHERE IN THE WORLD :: $33 to $77

PURPOSE WORK :: work + career reading: $77 to $133

MANY HAPPY RETURNS :: solar return reading for birthday year: $44 to $77

CURRENT COSMOS :: current + upcoming transits: $44 to $77