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Heal yourself, heal the world


Desert sage—aka Artemisia Tridentata, chamiso hediondo, and sagebrush—grows in the high desert of New Mexico. The smoke emitted is antimicrobial, killing airborne microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungus). It’s also been used to clear a space or body energetically, often used in ceremonies and sweat lodges.



During intensely stressful times, I carry the bottle with me and take a dropperful a few times a day. It is also extremely helpful to take 1-2 droppers before bed if you are feeling restless and need help unwinding. INGREDIENTS: Valerian, lavender, passionflower, holy basil, ashwagandha, catnip, skullcap, lobelia, motherwort, alcohol. ***All plant material is organically grown. DOSING: 1-2 droppers in the evening or as needed throughout the day in acute situations. (Each "dropper" is about 30 drops.)


I fell in love almost immediately after taking. Will be purchasing more ASAP! I struggle immensely with anxiety and panic attacks and this calmed me very quickly after taking!