Astrology, as well as Human Design and Gene Keys, are phenomenal resources for their accuracy and multi-layered complexity, but they are also mere vehicles through which we learn about who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going. They serve as maps to guide us and help us to identify our unique gifts, our essence, what we bring to the world, and also our patterns (karma) and lessons, so that we can overcome them and heal. The real session starts when we take these insights and apply them to our lives, when we know the next step in our healing journey toward becoming whole again.

Lauren LaRocca spent most of her life in Appalachia (Pittsburgh to Western Maryland to Asheville to West Virginia), stopped in Baltimore for a short time, lived nomadically for a while, and recently landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Read more . . .

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“Her wisdom is invaluable.”

“This could be so helpful to many, whatever their strength or struggle might be. It filled me with hope … and guidance.”

“It’s kind of alarming how spot on the latest horoscope email was. Everyone. Everything.”

“My response to this is … wow. I want to ‘sit at the feet of a master’ and hear these truths you have tapped into. I have been playing it over in my head throughout this day and marvel how the heavens and heavenly bodies can be so precise. Truly remarkable. It makes me wonder why everyone and especially every mother should have their children’s charts so they can better raise and guide them.”

“So insightful and applicable.”

“Lauren’s Astro readings are spot on.”

“This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Let me tell you, the Astro Map was a time. I was thrilled at how bang on it was!”

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